Business Problem:

As for every business, the number of customer that generate revenue will be far less than the total customers that the business interacts with. So for every business it's really important to understand, analyse and predict the areas of its revenue generation.

Kaggle Challenge Description:

Visit: Google Analytics Customer Revenue Prediction The 80/20 rule has proven true for many businesses–only a small percentage of customers produce most of the revenue. As such, marketing teams are challenged to make appropriate investments in promotional strategies.

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Stock market prediction has been one of the most widely used applications of Deep Learning next to computer vision. These will be used in various hedge funds to generate maximum returns on investments. The problem we are addressing is that the lack of data for future dates i.e we will not have the real time data for future dates. We will be generating predictions for future dates for which we don't have data. This can be implemented for any of the stock prices given we give related industries as our inputs.

In this blog, I will demonstrate the…

Harsha Vardhan Maagalam

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